Sales People Management

Optimize Sales Productivity with the Right Tools, Information, and Support

  • Give reps on-demand access to personalized reports and dashboards.
  • Provide insight on customer account activity and sales history.
  • Keep reps up to date on their performance, earnings, and progress towards goals.
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  • Streamline pricing, quotation, and contract management processes.
  • Automate customer and account management so reps stop wasting time with spreadsheets.
  • End chronic compensation errors that cause disputes and shadow accounting which sidetrack reps.
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  • Accelerate onboarding through training process design and management.
  • Develop skills with clear and frequent communication, assessments, and coaching.
  • Increase satisfaction through merit increases tied to productivity and behavior.
  • Provide support and resources during strategic changes to maintain sales performance.
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  • Build an entire team of top performers by identifying common success factors.
  • Evaluate individual performance based on metrics that matter most to sales.
  • Apply performance criteria across recruiting, onboarding, and training processes.
  • Organize and deploy sales talent effectively based on a competencies and performance.
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