Sales Compensation Management

Motivate the Sales Force to Achieve Goals through Incentive Compensation

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  • Use all forms of variable pay to incent the right behavior.
  • Reward any achievement, such as quota attainment, forecast accuracy, customer renewal rate.
  • Reward and retain top performers.
  • Apply data-driven intelligence to compensation to improve performance.
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  • Boost sales during product launches through contests, SPIFs, or special recognition programs.
  • Use compensation plans to drive sales of the desired mix of products.
  • Design comp strategies to spur sales in specific channels or territories.
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  • Avoid costly commission overpayments.
  • Eliminate underpayments that lead to short-term disputes and long-term retention issues.
  • Reduce administration of resolving errors and disputes.
  • Ensure compliance and avoid fines or lawsuits with a system of record and audit trail.
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  • Remove compensation as an obstacle to capitalizing on emerging opportunities.
  • Roll out plan modifications quickly to reflect changes in strategy.
  • Improve your competitive position with more dynamic alignment of sales compensation.
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