Optymyze Sales Compensation TM

Motivate the Sales Force to Achieve Goals through Incentive Compensation

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  • Use all forms of variable pay to incent the right behavior.
  • Reward any achievement, such as quota attainment, forecast accuracy, customer renewal rate.
  • Reward and retain top performers.
  • Apply data-driven intelligence to compensation to improve performance.
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  • Boost sales during product launches through contests, SPIFs, or special recognition programs.
  • Use compensation plans to drive sales of the desired mix of products.
  • Design comp strategies to spur sales in specific channels or territories.
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  • Avoid costly commission overpayments.
  • Eliminate underpayments that lead to short-term disputes and long-term retention issues.
  • Reduce administration of resolving errors and disputes.
  • Ensure compliance and avoid fines or lawsuits with a system of record and audit trail.
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  • Remove compensation as an obstacle to capitalizing on emerging opportunities.
  • Roll out plan modifications quickly to reflect changes in strategy.
  • Improve your competitive position with more dynamic alignment of sales compensation.
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Optymyze Sales CompensationTM is powered by:

Data Science Consolidate sales and salesperson data from various sources to create a single source of truth for sales compensation

Process Automation Use specially designed sales compensation apps to automate sales compensation processes and streamline communication

Enterprise Planning Enable effective collaboration to create compensation plan models that meet your most ambitious sales goals

Advanced Analytics Provide insights into sales performance to help you identify, incent and replicate high- performing sales behaviors

Optymyze Solution

Manage all forms of compensation and commission of salespeople, agents, and partners with one integrated solution. Calculate fair incentives, get error-free results, and increase visibility with real-time analytics.

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