Optymyze Sales Cloud Demo Video for Executives

Experience the Optymyze platform for executives with this video demo.

Sales executives have different needs than sales managers or sales reps. Rather than focusing on tactical issues, such as salespeople’s performance, they look at the bigger, morestrategic picture, such as plan effectiveness. They typically ask:

  • Are plans paying out with the right distribution?
  • Do we have too easy to achieve sales targets? Or are they too aggressive and need to be adjusted?
  • Are we rewarding the right behaviors from our sales reps?

Optymyze allows sales executives to identify answers to these questions by giving them accessto comprehensive dashboard reports. Additionally, they can look at the geographicaldistribution of large data sets and find out where partners are located or what states arebringing in most of the business.

Watch the video to find out more and see first-hand how sales executives can leverage theplatform to improve overall performance.