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Leading Bottler Leverages Optymyze Know-How

Due to a lack of performance-based elements in their sales compensation plan, this company was missing opportunities to increase sales by incentivizing employees.

Optymyze Wows Fortune 6 Manufacturer with Analytics Capabilities

Leveraging deep knowledge of analytical processes, Optymyze designed an analytics solution that addressed the customer’s requirements— and more.

6 Tips for Ensuring Error-Free Incentive Compensation Results, Payments, and Reports

Organizations must have confidence in the accuracy of incentive compensation results. Yet, inaccurate reports often cause failures.

Insurer Regains Ability to Manage Broker Commissions with Optymyze

A rapidly changing regulatory landscape was driving a leading insurer to revisit the way it was compensating members of a 15,000 broker channel.

5 Tips to Leverage Change in Incentive Compensation Plan Process

Sales compensation plans are one of the most powerful tools an organization has to influence sales behaviors and improve sales performance.

A Glance into Sales Operations as a Service

From inefficient processes and systems, to insufficient capacity and ineffective planning, the causes of Sales Operations problems are hard to solve by technology alone.

8 Critical Considerations for Selecting a Sales Performance Management Solution

SPM has evolved far beyond simply calculating commissions. How do you know what’s right for your company? Here are 8 critical questions to ask.

Optymyze Helps Leading US Bank Leverage Referral Program Effectively

With business growth and acquisitions, SPM processes such as sales comp and referral management have become cumbersome.

6 Sales Compensation Problems that Require Urgent Diagnosis

Most companies are saddled with the effects of poorly managed sales compensation plans. Sometimes it may seem that everything is under control. However…

Signs Your Sales Operations Are on the Wrong Track – Infographic

Read the infographic to see the warning signs to avoid getting lost and to ensure sales ops are on track to creating a competitive advantage for your organization.

Cost of Sales Compensation Problems

The ineffective management of sales compensation plans causes significant and often hidden costs, which fall into six categories.

Optymyze Platform Overview

The Optymyze Sales Platform delivers outcomes via a powerful set of technologies, comprised of three distinct components: Sales Analytics, Sales Studio, and Sales Planning. Discover each.