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6 Sales Compensation Problems that Require Urgent Diagnosis

Most companies are saddled with the effects of poorly managed sales compensation plans. Sometimes it may seem that everything is under control. However…

Signs Your Sales Operations Are on the Wrong Track – Infographic

Read the infographic to see the warning signs to avoid getting lost and to ensure sales ops are on track to creating a competitive advantage for your organization.

Cost of Sales Compensation Problems

The ineffective management of sales compensation plans causes significant and often hidden costs, which fall into six categories.

Optymyze Platform Overview

The Optymyze Sales Platform delivers outcomes via a powerful set of technologies, comprised of three distinct components: Sales Analytics, Sales Studio, and Sales Planning. Discover each.

Kowa Improves Performance with Sales Operations as a Service

Standardizing business processes and workflows, Optymyze guides Kowa on a continuous basis, providing technological know-how and timely industry insights.

Optymyze Sales Performance Software

Optymyze provides a complete set of SPM applications, designed to help companies improve the alignment, productivity, and visibility of their sales force, channels, and operations.

SAP Integration

Optymyze Sales Performance is designed to seamlessly integrate effectively within today’s existing, heterogeneous IT environments. Map and load any data format from a variety of sources.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

Optymyze Sales Performance provides single sign-on and seamless, automated integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and other Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions. Find out how it works.

Oracle Integration

Optymyze Sales Performance is completely interoperable with all customer relationship management solutions from Oracle, from Siebel CRM and Oracle CRM On Demand to Oracle Sales Cloud.

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