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How do insurance agencies improve agent retention? Join this live webinar to find out the most effective strategies and supporting tools for increasing agent retention.

How are sales ops functions balancing strategic and tactical responsibilities? The Sales Management Association and Optymyze conducted a research to measure sales ops focus on strategic issues, and identify emerging practices. View now this presentation to see the research results and key trends in sales operations.

What are the key tools and practices that you can leverage to improve the KPIs of your sales organization? View now this presentation on how sales enablement helps sale force increase productivity, optimize sales cycle, and increase quota attainment.

View this presentation to see how tools like Sales Force Automation or Sales Force Enablement software can directly increase sales productivity and give your business a competitive edge.

Supporting strategic sales changes becomes challenging in the context of sales ops’ tactical role. Register to learn from sales ops experts the best practices for organizing sales ops to support effective change in the sales force.

Are your sales operations change ready? Learn from an award winner how you can transform sales operations to achieve agility and sales excellence.

Sales Operations are a strategic part of the sales organization; improved sales operations efficiency enables increased sales productivity and the strategic alignment with business objectives.

Is your sales organization agile enough to rapidly adapt to changes in the compensation plans? Sales compensation is a powerful tool with a direct impact on sales performance and sales force behaviors.

The risks of your sales force not understanding, accepting or adopting a new sales compensation plan or platform are high and can negatively impact sales performance.
Designing the perfect sales comp plan or tool is only the first step towards aligning sales force activity with company goals.

Incentive compensation plans need to embody strategy in order to align sales force behaviors with the corporate strategy. What are the best practices for aligning your sales and incentive compensation plans with the business strategy?

Explaining the sales compensation plan to your sales force is key to getting them engaged and motivated to increase their own performances.

After McKesson Medical-Surgical completed its largest acquisition, the sales force and number of transactions processed doubled, which put a spotlight on a nagging problem: the company’s compensation management systems (home grown and acquired) struggled to handle these changes in a manner that allowed it to remain competitive.

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