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6 Secrets to Improve Insurance Agent Productivity

  • Onboard new producers quickly to accelerate sales productivity.
  • Give producers self-service access to commission, customer, and product data.
  • Enable producers with mobile capabilities so they can conduct business and access critical information from anywhere.
  • Identify the best performing markets, producers, and products in order to scale success.
  • Monitor sales trends and make data-driven adjustments to strategy when needed.
  • Use historical data to forecast market trends and customer demographic trends.
  • Automate time-consuming and costly administrative tasks, such as applications, appointments and licensing, agency contracts, and compliance documents.
  • Reclaim valuable resources tied up in managing payout distribution and resolving disputes.
  • Eliminate errors in commission calculation, which distract sales people and hinder productivity.
  • Implement optimal, competitive commission plans to drive the right behavior.
  • Ensure accuracy and timeliness of payouts.
  • Adjust commission in response to change, without disrupting sales momentum.

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